Your contribution will translate into CACMI’s capacity to support 40 Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across Michigan to provide critical services to over 10,000 victims of child sexual violence every year. Your generosity will support CACs throughout Michigan deliver:    

Prevention programs. Help CACs provide school and community-based training focused on helping adults spot the signs of abuse and how to make a report, as well as teaching kids about body safety. 

Mental healthcare services. Expanding centers’ capacity to provide trauma-focused therapy–a critical service that is challenging to deliver due to waiting lists, and in some cases, shortages of qualified clinicians. Access to these services for victims is crucial to their recovery.

Technical support for centers. CACMI provides numerous trainings for CAC professionals  throughout the year focused on a range of topics including investigative practice, forensic interviewing, victim support, operations, partner development, therapeutic modalities, and much more.