Find Your CAC

Child Advocacy Centers

In Michigan, 40 Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) provide services to 77 counties. While many of the services offered by CACs require referrals, we encourage you to actively engage with your local CAC. Visiting their website will give you some ideas of ways you can get involved and will help you stay informed about community events.

CACs play an important role in providing support, advocacy, and resources to children who have experienced abuse or trauma. Our interactive map showcases these centers spread across the state.

Each pin on our map signifies a CAC site. Hover over any section to view the counties served by that center. Clicking on a pin will direct you to our public directory, where you’ll discover contact details, website links, and social media connections for each center. If you would prefer to search for the name of the CAC from a list you can scroll to the bottom of the page.