Kalamazoo County Forensic Interviewer Job Description

Position: Forensic Interviewer

Employment Type: Contractual Part-time

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services Related Field is required. Experience and/or certification as a Forensic Interviewer preferred. Individuals with training and experience in the Michigan Forensic Interviewing Protocol are priority candidates. One (1) year of experience working with abused/neglected children and adolescents and a multidisciplinary team is required. A working knowledge of the dynamics of child maltreatment and/or knowledge of child development is required. Candidates should be able to demonstrate superior communication skills, a strong commitment to customer service and the ability to work in a cooperative manner with diverse professional groups. Knowledge of the criminal justice system, Children’s Protective Services/Foster Care Services and/or the courts is required. The ability to engage children 17 and under from diverse ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds is essential. Valid driver’s license and favorable driving record is required. Additional qualifications include: a nonjudgmental approach that reflects cultural competency and sensitivity to the unique needs and diverse experiences of individual children and their families, the ability to develop collaborative relationships with other providers, the ability to assess and intervene within complex family and community systems, and a willingness to be flexible, patient and creative. Must have the ability to appropriately handle crisis situations and manage sensitive case information.

Salary: Contractual employment, hourly compensation will be determined by individual contract.

Supervisor: Children’s Advocacy Center Director

Position Summary

The primary responsibility of this position is to conduct forensic interviews of children as part of the intervention services to child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse cases utilizing the Michigan Forensic Interview Protocol. This is a contractual position, meaning the incumbent works as needed. The incumbent has some flexibility in scheduling work hours. Ideal for someone interested in part-time work.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Conduct forensic interviews of children who are possible victims of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse utilizing the Michigan Forensic Interview Protocol.

2. Evaluate the developmental, cultural and individual needs of children being interviewed.

3. Attend to the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children during the interview process.

4. Monitor and control functioning and proper use of recording, receiving and transmitting devices used during the interview process.

5. Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with organizations in the community, making efforts to improve collaboration between community agencies and partners.

6. Be a contributing member in all multidisciplinary meetings.

7. Facilitate Pre/Post-Interview meetings and collect demographic information and client history with non-offending caregivers and families.

8. Assist Victim Advocate in collecting all relevant child and family history and making appropriate referrals.

9. Consult with multidisciplinary team as needed.

10. Review results of interview with the Multidisciplinary Team including determination of findings.

11. Educate Multidisciplinary Team as needed regarding the process and issues.

12. Identify cases appropriate for Case Review and attend Case Review meetings as needed.

13. Prepare for and testify in criminal, juvenile and family court when necessary.

14. Participate in regular and ongoing trainings pertinent to the forensic interviewer

15. Participate in regular and ongoing peer review as required.

16. Participate in clinical supervision, team meetings, case consultations and training as needed. Seek consultation with the Supervisor of the program as needed.

17. Complete Forensic Interview documentation in a timely manner consistent with the policies and procedures of The Children’s Advocacy Center.

18. Develop, maintain and review complete case records.

19. Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of children and families served.

20. Maintain statistical information and enter data into case tracking system as required.

21. Other duties as assigned.

Interested Applicants may email their cover letter and resume to jeisinger@chcmi.org