Training & Best Practice Assistance

Working Better Together.

We know there are better outcomes both for the child and the investigation when agencies work together to follow up on allegations of abuse. That kind of collaboration between agencies isn’t always easy. Our goal, though, is to learn how to better work together.

To start, our member Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) follow a proven model. CACs are accredited through the National Children’s Alliance. This accreditation ensures that CACs in Michigan follow research-based, nationally-accepted standards for efficient, effective, and trauma-informed investigation and intervention practices.

We don’t stop there. We work together to ensure that everyone in the communities we serve have equal access to our services no matter their race, family income, or address. We’re also working to push for ever-improving outcomes for the kids we serve, because we know healing is possible, and with the right intervention, likely.

To support continuous improvement, we collect feedback from families and agency partners. Here is some of the feedback we’ve gotten so far in 2018:


of families reported that the CAC was helpful to both them and their child.


of families reported that the CAC prepared them for what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.


of families would recommend the CAC to anyone facing a similar situation.


of agency partners report that resources at the CAC improved their team’s cases.

We use this feedback to find better ways to serve the children who come through our doors every day.