Champions for Children

Thank-you to our 2019 Sponsors!

Advocate Sponsor

The Guidance Center’s Kids-TALK Children’s Advocacy Center

Voices for Children Advocacy Center

CARE House of Oakland County

Formula Folios

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Midwest Strategy Group

The Ed and Nancy Hanenburg Children’s Advocacy Center, Ottawa County

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Chris and Kathy Chenlo

Luncheon Information

What is the purpose of this event?
We are hoping to accomplish two things with this lunch: (1) honor individuals or organizations whose extraordinary efforts have made the world a better and safer place for children and (2) share more about the work that CACMI does to support justice and healing in CACs across the state.

Who is being honored? 
We are honoring 3 champions: a champion of hope, a champion of advocacy, and a champion of justice.

  • Champion of Hope Award
    This award celebrates the efforts of an individual that inspires victims of child maltreatment to believe that they can survive, heal, and thrive. This champion has helped others find their voice by modeling strength. This champion has reminded us that we are more than what has happened to us, that each of us have intrinsic value, and that together we have a bright future. Recipients might include (but are not limited to) survivors who have spoken out, journalists or documentarians who have raised the issue, advocates (both inside and outside the CAC).
  • Champion of Advocacy Award
    This award recognizes an individual or organization that has been an extraordinary partner to a Children’s Advocacy Center. This champion has helped make connections where there were few. Through their support, survivors and their allies have been empowered to access services. Recipients might include (but are not limited to) policy-maker, funder, donor, foundation, corporate partner, hospital, parent(s) of survivors, CAC board member, legislator.
  • Champion of Justice Award
    This award honors an individual or organization that protects the rights of children affected by child maltreatment. Through their tireless efforts, this champion has helped to restore a sense of order and safety for children in the midst of chaos. This champion has helped preserve the rights of children to live a life free from abuse. Recipients might include (but are not limited to) law enforcement officers, child protection staff, prosecutors, judges.

How can I nominate someone? 
The nomination form is available here. All nominations are due by Friday, May 17, 2019 at 5pm.

  • In order to be considered for a champion for children award, the individual or organization nominated must have worked on behalf of children and families in Michigan.
  • Employees and board members of CACMI or members of their families are not eligible to receive a champion for children award.

What is the program for the event?
The program will include a Dutch raffle, lunch, and an inspiring speaker. We promise to start and end on time.

What is a “Dutch raffle?”
For this style raffle, each luncheon attendee will receive 40 stickers. Each sticker will have the name of the attendee. These stickers can be used to bid on auction items. Each sticker costs $10.00. The more stickers you use to bid on a particular item, the better your chances to win!

How will I pay for my raffle entries?
After the luncheon, you will receive an invoice for your total number of sticker bids. Each bid is work $5.00.

What is the cost to attend?

  • Table (10 seats) – $360
  • Individual Seats – $40
  • Raffle Ticket – $10

What is the recommended attire?
Come however you are comfortable. We anticipate most people will be dressed business casual.