Our Impact


It all starts with ONE brave young person coming forward. Or ONE courageous adult speaking up on behalf of a child.

The goal of the CAC model is to ensure that no child is bounced around the system, that no child falls through the cracks. At the Children’s Advocacy Center, all of the agencies involved in the investigation of child abuse work together on behalf of that child.

Every ONE matters.

But no one is alone in this. There are many, many survivors. There are also many, many people connected to a CAC who are there to listen and there to help.


Last year CACs provided child abuse prevention education to more than 118,000 children in the state of Michigan.

Last year CACs more than 10,000 young people walked through our doors for services. Types of maltreatment reported:

Sexual abuse                           8,698
Severe physical abuse            1,538
Neglect                                      337
Witness to violence                   481

Last year CACs provided medical exams to more than 1,000 children who reported sexual and/or physical abuse.

Last year CACs provided on-site counseling to 3,116 kids. CACs made referrals for counseling for an additional 4,754 kids.

In 2018, we surveyed prosecutors, law enforcement officers and child protection workers who worked with CACs. Out of 414 respondents, 97% believe the CAC model fosters collaboration between agencies involved in the investigation of child abuse. 96% believe children and families are better served through the collaborative model.

In 2018, 95% of parents and caregivers reported that they believe the CAC did everything possible to help their child and family.

Zoe’s Story.

Zoe first heard about the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) when someone from there came to her classroom. She was in 3rd grade at the time. The person from the CAC talked to the class about “body safety.” Zoe knew about keeping herself… Read more…